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Do you dread the lonely days and nights? Wonder what to do with your spouse’s belongings? Feel like your brain is in a fog? Unsure of how you’ll go on?


FRIDAY, December 14th

6-9pm • IN ROOM A2


At a Loss of a Spouse seminar you’ll discover:

Other people understand and have found ways to make it through

Why it won’t always hurt so much

Reasons for hope

And practical tips for coping with the death of a spouse


Here’s what happens at a LOSS OF a SPOUSE seminar

Our two-hour seminar works just like a typical GriefShare meeting or a Surviving the Holidays event, with a short video followed by small-group discussion. The video features expert Christian counselors, authors, and pastors, including new interviews with some of your favorites from the GriefShare curriculum.

Participants will also take home a valuable Loss of a Spouse booklet that includes:

  • A video note-taking outline

  • Devotional materials that help people find hope in God’s Word

  • Grief recovery exercises

  • Journaling prompts



Please contact Stacy Lavergne at 337-581-4192 or stacylavergne@cox.net.